Welcome to the Center for Cultural Exchange!

The Center for Cultural Exchange is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in the summer of 2014.  Our mission is to provide charitable, cultural, and educational opportunities to promote better understanding of different cultures through: Art, Music, Sports, Heritage, and Intellectual pursuits.

The Center for Cultural Exchange partners with the United States Wushu Academy (USWA) and community organizations throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area to offer after school youth and leadership development activities, as well as taiji and qigong exercises that promote healthy living styles.

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Our Board of Directors include:

Christopher Pei, Chair

Alexandria, VA 22305

Christopher J. Zebrowski, Secretary

Vienna, VA 22180

Donald H.S. Lau, Treasurer

Falls Church, VA 22046

Cynthia Simmons, Member 

Centreville, VA 20120